Carpet Care & Maintenance

Daily care & preventative maintenance

In addition to establishing a daily care routine, practice some preventative maintenance. Place welcome mats at all entrances to keep dirt from being tracked on shoes across your new carpet. It's also not a bad idea to rearrange your furniture every so often to give your carpets a break from extended exposure to UV light and foot traffic. Be sure to take care and never drag heavy objects such as furniture across the surface of your carpet..

When it comes to incorporating daily carpet care into your cleaning routine, it's as easy as using a manufacturer-approved vacuum at least weekly, especially in high-traffic areas. When cleaning spills or stains, act quickly & use only manufacturer-approved cleaning products.

woman vacuuming carpet | Flooring by Wilson's Carpet Plus
cat spilled plant on carpet | Flooring by Wilson's Carpet Plus

Dealing with spills & stains

While some carpets may feature stain-resistant treatments, no carpet is absolutely stainproof. All carpeting requires regular care & prompt stain removal.

While you may think of spills as being liquid more often than not, the majority of stains are actually soil-related. For example, spilling a sugar-based soft drink or coffee can leave a sugary residue even after blotting up the liquid portion of the spill. This sticky residue attracts soil from ordinary foot traffic, resulting in a discolored area.

Additional Resources

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