Vinyl Care & Maintenance

Daily care & preventative maintenance

Vinyl flooring is one of the easiest flooring solutions to care for. Many products are waterproof and all are highly durable, making vinyl ideal for busy households with kids and pets. However, you'll still need to practice a simple sweeping and vacuuming routine to keep your floors clean. You can even wet mop your vinyl. You should also consider some preventative maintenance measures, such as removing your shoes before walking across your floors (especially in high heels!) and keeping your pets' nails trimmed.

Vinyl care | Flooring by Wilson's Carpet Plus
Vinyl care | Flooring by Wilson's Carpet Plus

Dealing with spills

When a spill occurs, simply blot it up! Even though luxury vinyl floors are waterproof, you shouldn't let liquids sit on them for too long. For tougher messes, consult with your vinyl manufacturer's cleaning guidelines or consult at our stain removal guide in the Additional Resources below.

Additional Resources

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