Laminate Flooring

All about Laminate

Laminate floors have secured a firm foothold in the industry as the go-to inexpensive, yet functional option. Recently, however, laminate has become increasingly popular in higher-end homes as an alternative to traditional solid or engineered hardwood flooring. Modern laminate styles tend to offer more comfort, better performance, and a wider range of visual options than their natural counterparts.

You may sometimes hear laminate referred to as laminate wood, due largely to its appearance & the fact that wood particle board is used to manufacture laminate planks. Popular in living areas, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways & almost any room that isn’t subject to excessive moisture, laminate floors tend to be easy to clean & scratch-resistant. This makes them especially well-suited to homes with pets or small children, though not in bathrooms or laundry rooms.

Get inspired!

Laminate flooring is available in many different shades & styles that mimic a variety of natural wood species. The sheer number of options you have when shopping for new laminate floors can be overwhelming. If you need some inspiration to help you narrow down the right style, you can start by browsing our laminate inspiration gallery. Here you can see some of the latest trends in action before you visit our Summerville showroom.

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