Laminate Installation

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Once you’ve chosen the perfect new laminate flooring product, professional installation is the next step toward a quality surface for your home. Work with the Flooring by Wilson’s Carpet Plus installation team to ensure that you get the best possible performance out of your floors. We’ve assembled this guide to help properly prepare you for this crucial step.

laminate installation | Flooring by Wilson's Carpet Plus


Gold Coast Shaw laminate | Flooring by Wilson's Carpet Plus


Before scheduling your installation, we’ll help you determine whether your existing floors will need to be removed & how we’ll go about completing that process. We’re also able to assist with moving your furniture, though you’ll be responsible for smaller items & décor.

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We’ll visit your home to conduct measurements to ensure that the proper quantity of laminate is ordered. We’ll also need to measure your door clearances. If your new floor is taller than your existing one, door bottoms may need to be shaved down to avoid damage.

Mohawk group laminate flooring | Flooring by Wilson's Carpet Plus


If you’re planning to paint the room in which new floors are being laid, be sure to do it before the flooring installation. This way you won’t risk dripping paint onto your new laminate.


Depending on your subfloor, we may be able to install your laminate as a floating floor over your existing flooring surface. If necessary, however, we’ll remove & dispose of your existing floors. This process usually requires us to remove molding or trim from the room’s perimeter.

Laminate installation is relatively easy, and our team should be able to lay it in less than a day (unless you’re flooring multiple rooms at once). Once installation is complete, we may ask you to refrain from walking on your new floors for a set amount of time while any adhesives set and the floor acclimates to its new home.

As you begin to move any furniture back into your room, we highly recommend the use of felt pads on each furniture leg or any part of the furniture that will come into direct contact with your new laminate.

Some other tips to keep in mind:

  • Please make sure an adult member of your household is home at your scheduled installation time.
  • Keep children or pets away from the workspace to prevent injury.
  • Report any post-installation issues as soon as possible so we can return to fix them if needed
  • You may notice a lingering odor for a few days post-installation, which can be minimized by circulating air through your space
  • You may notice some dust. We’ll do our best to leave a clean workspace, but any remaining dust can simply be swept & up disposed of.
Moving furniture | Flooring by Wilson's Carpet Plus


Afterwards, it’s up to you to take proper care of your new laminate floors! Simply sweep or dust mop frequently & follow these simple tips to keep them in great shape for years to come.